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Garage Drying
Home style biltong makers often hang their biltong in the garage. This can be done by stringing a rope across one corner of the garage then hanging the biltong there for a few days to dry. A fan is placed facing the biltong. This fan serves two purposes. It aids in the drying time as well as prevents flys from settling on the meat and laying eggs.

Biltong Box
Another drying method home style biltong makers use is to purchase or build a biltong box. The box can be made from cardboard, wood, powder coated mild steel or stainless steel depending on the budget or shipping requirements. Each box has it's pro's and cons. Cardboard boxes are less durable and unhygienic for multiple uses however it's cheaper to buy online and ship. A wooden box is easy to make at home however it can be unhygienic as it traps dirt and mold. Powder coated mild steel boxes are easy to clean and will last however they will rust in time usually over a few years. Stainless steel biltong boxes are the best from a longevity and hygienic standpoint however their price is almost certainly off-putting. The biltong boxes make use of various drying methods. Some have fans, some have light bulbs however all will have some sort of fly screening protection over the ventilation holes to prevent pests getting hold of the biltong.

Biltong Cabinet
Many small butchers make use of a biltong drying cabinet. These cabinets look similar to a filing cabinet however they are made from stainless steel or galvanized steel. They have built in fans and heaters to aid in the biltong drying process.

Biltong Room
Larger butchers and wholesalers will make use of a dedicated biltong drying room these rooms are typically made from the same materials as a butchers walk-in fridge. The biltong is loaded onto drying rack trolleys and then wheeled into the drying room. The biltong room will have built-in fans, lighting and heaters.

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